Allied Banking Corporation
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Asia United Bank
Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO)
Bank of America
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of Philippine Veterans Bank the Philippines)
BPI Family Savings Bank
Centennial Savings Bank
China Banking Corporation
Chinabank Savings, Inc.
Citibank, N.A.
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
First Macro Bank
GSIS Family Bank
KEB Hana Bank
Land Bank of the Philippines
Luzon Development Bank
Malayan Bank
Maybank Philippines, Inc.
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
Philippine Bank of Communications (PBCom)

Philippine Business Bank
Philippine National Bank (PNB) Bank One Savings and Trust Corporation
Philippine Postal Savings Bank Bangko San Juan
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank)
Planters Development Bank (Plantersbank)
Premier Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Rural Bank of Caloocan
Rural Bank of San Leonardo Chinatrust (Phils.) Commercial Bank Corp.
Robinson’s Bank
Silahis Rural Bank
Smart Bank East West Banking Corporation
Tong Yang Bank
Tower Bank
Union Bank of the Philippines Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Korea Exchange Bank
United Overseas Bank Philippines
Unitrust Bank
University Savings and Loan Bank Mega International Commercial Bank of China
Yuanta Savings Bank


1st E-Bank
1st Macro Bank
747 Lumber & Construction Supply, Inc.
A-Z Direct Marketing Inc.
A. G. Magno Construction
A.H. International Travel, Inc.
A.M. Flores & Co. Inc.
A.V. Ocampo Ins. Brokers Inc.
ABC Resources & Holdings (SPV-AMC) Inc.
ABCSS Builders, Inc.
ABN-AMRO Savings Bank
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation
ACI Holdings, Inc.
ACM Landholdings, Inc.
AFI International Trading Corporation
AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines)
AFP General Ins. Corp.
AFP Savings & Loans Association, Inc. (AFPSLAI)
AG Dev’t Corp.
AHV Corporation
AIC Realty Corporation
AJM Buildings, Inc.
AMA Computer Colleges
APL Company Private, Ltd.
Agus Development Corporation
ARE Construction
ASA Colors & Chemicals Industries
ASB Realty Development Corporation
ASTEC International Ltd.
AT & T Global Information Solution, Inc.
Abco, Inc.
Abenson, Inc.
Aboitiz Land, Inc.
Aboitiz Transport System
Abot Kamay
Abra Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Abre Enterprises
Acasia Investment Corporation
Access Bank
Accette Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Acel Builders
Acesite (Phils.) Hotel Corp.
Actron Industries, Corporation
Acura Construction
Adamson & Adamson, Inc.
Advance Capital Corporation
Agapita II Condo. Corp.
Agapita Property Inc.
Agri-Dynamic Proceeding Corp.
Agro Filipino
Agro Foods Processing & Development Corporation
Agusan Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (ANECO)
Agusan Sur Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (ASELCO)
Aichi Forging Co.
Aim Tech. Inc.
Airden Philippines Corporation
Airlift Asia
Al-Amanah Bank Islamic Investment Bank
Alabang Commercial Corporation
Alchemco Phils., Inc.
Alexander Forbes Philippines Risk Services, Inc
Aliw Broadcasting Corp.
All Aom Finance Corp.
Alliance Media Printing Corp.
Allied Domecq Philippines
Allied Molding Corp.
Aloha Plaza
Alpha Graphics
Alphaflex, Inc.
Alsons Insurance Brokers Corp.
Alsons Land Corporation
Alto Project Asia, Inc.
Amadeus Marketing Philippines, Inc.
Amalgamated Dev’t Corp.
Amalgamated Motors, Inc.
Amaya Realty Corporation
American Gloves, Inc.
American Orient Capital Partners (Phils.,) Inc.
American Power Conversion
American President Lines
American Transport Systems Corp. Phils.
Amity Satellite Systems, Inc.
Amkor Anam Pilipinas, Inc.
Amkor Technology Phils.
Amprigon Enterprises
Anchor Insurance Brokerage Corporation
Anchor Savings Bank
Anflo Management & Investment Corporation
Angel Lozano & Associates
Angeles Power
Anjene Industries Inc.
Anscor Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Anscor Land, Inc.
Antel Seaview
Antigor Enterprises
Antodia Holdings, Inc.
Aparche Realty Corporation
Apo Cement Corp.
Aquatlas, Inc.
Araneta Properties
Archer Commercial Inc.
Archinet Int’l Inc.
Arfel Realty Corporation
Arguelles Medical Clinic, Inc.
Arjay Securities and Development Corporation
Arkmil, Inc.
Armed Forces & Police Mutual Benefit Association, Inc
Armsteel Security Phils., Inc.
Arnel Commercial, Inc.
Arsenio & Pilar Dizon Realty Corp.
Arthur Andersen
Ascent Network
Asean Pharma (Phils.)
Asephil Manufacturing Corporation
Asia Brewery Inc.
Asia Embroidery Company, Incorporated
Asia Insurance Philippines Corp.
Asia Property & Realty Ventures
Asian Appraisal Holdings
Asian Bank
Asian Development Bank
Asian Hospital, Inc.
Asian Pacific Insulation
Asian Recovery Corporation
Asian Technicon Managers & Consultants, Inc.
Asian Terminals, Inc.
Asian Tower Condominium, Corp.
Asiaphil MFG. Industries Corp.
Asset Privatization Trust (APT)
Asset Resources Dev’t Corp.
Atea Tierra Corp.
Ateneo De Manila University
Atlanta Industries, Inc.
Atlanta Land Corporation
Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Co. of Manila, Inc.
Atlas Cement Manufacturing Corporation
Atlas Fertilizer Corporation
Atlas Haulers and Development Company
Audiowan Media, Inc.
Aurelio & Co.,
Aurelio Holdings, Inc.
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group
Auto Prominence Corporation
Aventis Cropscience Philippines, Inc.
Aviation Enterprises, Inc.
Avignon Tower
Avis Rent-A-Car
Avon Fashion, Inc.
Ayala Land, Inc.
Ayala Life Assurance, Inc.
Ayala Life Insurance Corporation
Azcor Lighting Systems, Inc.

BA Savings Bank
BAC Realty Corp.
BASF Philippines, Inc.
BCDA Management Holdings
BDO Leasing & Financing Inc.
BEA Laboratories
BPI Family Bank
BPI Leasing Corp.
BRG Realty Corp.
BS Hardware & Supply
BTTB, Inc.
Baccarat Metal Products Corporation
Bacnotan Cement Corporation
Bacnotan Steel Corporation
Bagong Silang Water Services Corporation
Baguio Ice Plant & Cold Storage, Inc.
Baguio Springs Corporation
Balayan Refilling Station
Ballard Wire Products, Inc.
Banco Santander Philippines, Inc.
Bancommerce Investment Corp.
Banderas Holdings, Inc.
Bandolino Shoe Corporation
Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Bank Dharmala
Bank One Savings & Trust Corporation
Bank Wise
Bank of America
Bank of Commerce
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA)
Basic Petroleum
Bataan Development Bank
Bataan Polyethylene Corporation
Bataan Strategic Techonologies, Inc.
Batangas Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BATELEC I)
Batangas Land Co. Inc.
Bauer Foundations Phils., Inc.
Bay Gardens Condo. Corp.
Bayan Telecomunication , Inc.
Bayview Hotel Development Corporation
Beacon Hill Management Resources, Inc.
Becco Aggregates, Inc.
Becco Philippines, Inc.
Beeseng Electrict Supply
Bellevue Properties, Inc.
Beneficial Life Insurance Corporation
Benguet Ebara Real Estate Corp.
Benguet Management Corp.
Benny Hinn Ministries Asia, Inc.
Bensan Industrial, Inc.
Beronvan Marketing, Inc.
Best Built Estate
Best Chemical & Plastics, Inc.
Best Chemicals & Plastic, Inc.
Betonval Ready Concrete, Inc.
BioEco Holdings Corp.
Biomerienx Phils.
Bistro Americano Corporation
Blue Stock Dev’t Farms, Inc.
Board of Investments
Bon Cris Trading
Bona Scention Corporation
Bonanza Fishing & Market Resources, Inc.
Bonifacio Ridge Condominium
Bonne Terre, Inc.
Boots Health Care
Boracay Property Holdings, Inc.
Boral Plasterboard Philippines
Boulivard Holdings, Inc.
Bounty Gold Real Property Holdings, Inc.
Braun Medical Supplies
Bravio Property Dev’t.
Brent School
Bright Condo. Res.
Bristol Myers Philippines
Builders & Development Inc.
Bukidnon I Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (FIBECO)
Bukidnon II Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (BUSECO)
Burgundy Place Condo.
Bustos Villafuerte & Asso. Law Off.

C&E Publishing, Inc.
C.K.U. Steel Corporation
CAM Mechatronix Phils., Inc.
CBB Philippines, Inc.
CBN Development & Equipment Resources, Inc.
CE & C, Inc.
CHMI & Residences Inc.
CK Hot Dip
CKS Development, Inc.
CLS Association (UK) Ltd.
CPAC Monier Phils., Inc.
CQS Stainless Corp.
Cadbury Adams (Phils.) Inc.
Cadbury Confectionery Phils. Branch
Cagayan II Electric Cooperative (CAGELCO)
Calatagan Bay Realty, Inc.
Calatagan Gulf Realty Corporation
California Manufacturing Corporation
Callanta & Partners Law Firm
Caltex Philippines, Inc.
Camella Technology
Cameron Granville
Camiguin Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (CAMELCO)
Campos Rueda Corporation
Canlubang Hydro Electric Power Plant
Canoga Park Development Corporation
Capital Garment Corp.
Capital Sources Investment Corp.
Capitol Steel Corp.
Carac-An Dev’t Corp.
Carag Builders
Cardams, Inc.
Care Overseas Finance
Career Executive Services Board
Carfel Victamar, Inc.
Cargill Phils. Inc.
Carolina Industries Inc.
Carrier Int’l Corp.
Casent Realty & Dev’t Corp.
Casfield Properties Corp.
Catalina Realty
Cavite Biofuel Products, Inc.
Cavite Livestock
Cebu Energy Dev’t Corp.
Cebu Light Industrial Park
Cedar Mansion I
Celestial Village Academy
Cemex Asia Pte. Ltd.
Cemex Philippines
Cenacle Sisters
Centerpoint Condo. Unit Owners Asso. Inc.
Central Azucarera de Don Pedro
Central Taxicab Corp.
Central Visayas Finance Corp.
Century Canning Corp.
Century Paper and Plastic Corp.
Century Peak Corp.
Century Property Inc.
Chadaro Holdings Corp.
Champagne Edition
Chemical Industries of the Phils.
Church of God
Ciba Capital Phils., Inc.
Circa 2000 Homes, Inc.
Citiglobal Realty & Dev’t Inc.
City Service Corp.
Clothman Knitting Corp.
Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc.
Cocoa Specialties, Inc.
Cocoplans Inc.
Collegio de Sta. Teresa de Avila
Columbus Seafood Corp.
Com-Industrial Corp.
Conservative Baptist Mission
Consolidated Industrial Gases Inc.
Control Ride Corp. Phils. Inc.
Cooperative Insurance System of the Phils.
Corporate Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Corsan Realty Corp.
Camarines Sur III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CASURECO III)
Cortina Corp.
Country Waffles Holdings, Inc.
Creamline Dairy Corp.
Credit Post, Inc.
Crispa Floro Textile, Inc.
Crispa Textile, Inc.
Cristina Garments, Inc.
Crop Trading, International
Cross Capital Inc.
Crosslink Logistics, Inc.
Crown Jewel Property Holdings Corporation
Crown Peak Estate Developer, Inc.
Crown Realty Co., Inc.
Crown Security Check International
Crystal Ville Construction
Cuervo Far East, Inc.
Cultural Center of the Philippines
Curtina Corporation
Cyber City Teleservices
Cyber One
Cypress Bomanite, Inc.
Czarina Arts Enterprises

DBS Bank Philippines, Inc.
DC Equip Machine Corp.
DHL Philippines, Inc.
DMCI Power Corp.
DN Steel Marketing Inc.
Daewoo Corporation
Daikin Alen Air Conditioning Inc.
Daila Herbal Communication Enterprises
Dalaya Properties, Inc.
Dalinas (IM) Corp.
Dalisay Farms Corporation
Dalta Corporation
Dao Heng Bank
Daruma Corporation
Davao Agro Marine Resources, Inc.
Davao Union Marketing Corporation
Day Free Trading
De Borja, Medialdea, Bello, Guevarra, Serafio & Gerodias
De Guzman Celis & Bonifacio Law Office
De La Rama Brother’s Development Corp.
De Lamo Pharmacia Corporation
Del Hermanos, Inc.
Del Monte Philippines
Del Mundo Hospital
Del Mundo Medical Center Foundation
Del Ros Corporation
Dela Salle University- Manila
Dela Salle – Araneta University
Delbros, Inc.
Department of Finance
Department of Public Works & Highways
Department of Transportation & Communication
Dept. of Labor and Employment
Dermagen Corporation
Dermpharma Inc.
Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc.
Deutsche Bank AG. London
Development Academy of the Philippines
Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP)
Diageo Philippines, Inc.
Diamond Apparel Mfg. Inc.
Diamond Laboratories
Dimson (Manila), Inc.
Diversified Integrated Marketing
Dorilag Cement Corporation
Dormas Ready Mix Industries, Inc.
Dow-Agri Sciences
Doña Adela Export Int’l Inc.
Doña Felisa Realty & Dev’t. Corp.
Dream Broadcasting System
Drosvil Engineering Services
Durex Industries Corp.
Dutch Boy Philippines, Inc
Dyna Builders Corporation
D’Brothers International Corporation
D’Soriano Export/Import Corporation

E & L Mercantile Inc.
E.C. Caldejon Construction Corp.
EA Del Mundo Trading
EBO Builders
EDG Marketing Corporation
EDI Staff Building Incorporated
EDSA Properties Holdings, Inc.
EEI Corp.
EEI Marine Corp.
EEI Realty Corporation
EHT Development Corporation
ELT Enterprises
EMS Management and Investment Company, Inc.
Eagle 1 Landholdings Inc.
Early Achievers Learning Center
Earth & Style Corp.
East Asia Capital Corp.
East Asia Plant, Inc.
East Asia Sawmill Corporation
East Coast Bank
Eastbay Resort Inc.
Eastern Dragon International Textile Corporation
Ebara Benguet, Inc.
Eco-Triangle Microsystems Co., Inc.
Ecoland Properties Development Corporation
Eduplan Philippines, Inc.
Edward Farms
Electronic Telephone System Industries, Inc.
Emerald Mansion Condo.
Emerald Multi-Resources
Empire East Land Holdings, Inc.
Empire Furniture
Energizer Phils., Inc.
Energy Management & Conversion Corp.
Engineering & Construction Corporation of Asia
Engtek Precision Phils., Inc.
Enlin Steel Philippines Corporation
Equityworld Security of St. Columbus
Estolano Enterprises
Etelecare International, Inc.
Eternal Life Plan, Inc.
Eternal Plans, Inc.
Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.
Euro Chemicals, Inc.
Europac Traders International, Inc.
Evangelista Realty
Evergreen Philippines
Everlucky Shipping
Everwealth Realty & Development Corporation
Exel Philippines, Inc.
Expo Pilipino Corporation
E’La Commercial

FEMS International (Phils.), Ltd., Inc.
FEP Printing Corp.
FH Corporate Services, Inc.
FM Apolinario
FR Cement Corp.
FTI Consulting
Faberco Marketing Corporation
Facilities Center Condominium Corporation
Faith Academy
Faith Realty & Development Corporation
Far East Alcohol Corporation
Far East Bank & Trust Company
Far East Investment Corporation
Farm Eastern Insurance & Surety Co., Inc.
Felta Multi-Media Center
Femil Construction & Trading Corp.
Ferex Agro Chemical Corp.
Feria Feria La’o Tantoco Law Offices
Fermina Express Corp.
Ferrier Hudgson
Fertiphil Corporation
Fibertex Corp.
Fil General Realty Dev’t Corp.
Fil Wheels, Inc.
Fil-Estate Finance Corporation
Filia Foods
Filinvest Development Corporation Eastern Canumay Industrial Development Corporation
Filipinas Engine & Turbine Control
Filipino-Singapore Realty Venture Corporation Eastwood Property Holdings
Filson Shipping Co., Inc.
Filstar Maritime Corp.
Filwan Ventures
Financial Advisors, Inc.
Firm Builders Realty Development Corporation
First Asia System Tech. Inc. (FASTECH)
First Gas Power Corp.
First Optima Realty Corp.
First Philippine Industrial Corp.
First Philippine Infrastructure Dev’t Corp.
First Shelter Planners & Managers, Inc.
First Shelter Ventures & Realty Corp.
First Solid Properties
Fisher – Rosemount Systems, Inc.
Fonderei Ouellet Asia, Inc.
Forum Exploration, Inc.
Foundation for Sustainable Society, Inc.
Fuji Xerox Phils.

G&S Package Corp.
G. Acebedo Realty Corp.
GD Ugfang & Co.
GJM San Miguel Lending Corp.
GK Realty Corp.
GNO Corp.
GNO Technology Resources, Inc.
Gateway Property Holdings
Gemini Integrated Services, Inc. Ernst and Young Transaction & Advisory Services, Inc.
Genesis Transport, Inc.
Gerga Oil Corp.
Gervel, Inc.
Global Business Holdings, Inc.
Global Business Power Corp.
Global Business Support Services
Global City Innovative College
Global Sources
Globe Asiatique
Globe Telecom
Goldcoast Marine Export Inc.
Golden Fortune Techno-Built
Goldlink Security & Allied Services, Inc.
Graficad Creation Enterprises
Grandholdings Investments
Great Eastern Hotel
Great Effect Enterprises, Inc.
Great Liberty Auto-Sales Corp.
Great Word Enterprises
Green Asia Construction & Development Corp.
Green City Estate & Dev’t Corp.
Green Cross, Inc.
Green Thumb Productions, Inc.
Greenfield Development Corporation
Grepac Realty Leasing Corporation
Group Management Corp.
Guanzon -Agro Industrial Commercial Inc.
Guarantee Fund for Small Business Enterprises
Guess Philippines
Guevent Industrial Development Corporation
Gutierrez Farm

H.M. Montenegro Group of Companies
HR Lopez Co., Inc.
Hamlin Industrial Corporation
Hands-on Development Corporation
Handyware Philippines, Inc.
Hardee Asia, Inc.
Hayakawa Electronics (Phils.) Corp.
Health Plus Inc.
Healthy You, Inc.
Heart of Jesus & Mary Parish Church
Hedcorr Sibulan, Inc.
Heirs of Calixto Chikiamco, Inc.
Hela Philippines, Inc.
Henkel Phils.
Henry Hunter Bayne Co., Inc.
Herdex International Corp.
Hermosa Savings & Loan Bank
Herts Corporation
Hexagon Finance
Hi Eles
Hi-Las Marketing Corporation
Hi-Pack Philippines, Inc.
Hi-Precision Steel Center, Inc.
Hi-Tech CATV, Inc.
High Desert Print. Inc.
High Dessert Philippines
Hillview Hotel
Hoa Indusrial Hardware
Holcim Phils. Inc.
Holiday Inn Hotel
Home Development Mutual Fund
Home Insurance Guarantee Corporation (HIGC)
Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.
Hopewell Holdings Limited
Horex Manufacturing
Hotel Aurelio
Hotel Enterprises of the Philippines, Inc. (Hyatt Hotel)
Hotel Sogo, Inc.
House of Pre-Cast
Huang Hsiang Development Corporation
Huang Hsiang Dev’t
Hutama-RSEA J.O., Inc.

I.B.I. Forwarders
IBJ Hong Kong
IBM Realty and Development Corporation
IE-Com Technology, Inc.
IMS Health Phils., Corp.
ING Bank, Manila
Ibiden Philippines, Inc.
Ibon Foundation, Inc.
Iglo Phils. Inc.
Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative (INEC)
Ilocos Norte Electric, Cooperative Inc. (INEC)
Iloilo II Electric Coop., Inc.
Iloilo Phils., Inc.
Imperial Homes Corporation
Independent Realty Corporation
Information Computer Institute
Ingelside Properties, Inc.
Ingersoll Rand Phils.
Integrated Computer Systems, Inc.
Integrated Contractor & Plumbing Works.
Inter A’s Corporation
Inter-Continental Paper Industries, Inc.
Inter-Island Gas Service, Inc.
Interface Industrial Corporation
International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
International Golden Resources Corp.
International School Manila
International Silverwings Investment, Inc.
International Team Phils. .Inc.
International Venture Estate Corporation
Internationale Development, Inc.
Investors Assurance Corp.
Iomni Precision
Ionics EMS, Inc.
Ionics Properties, Inc.
Ionics, Inc.
Iraj Corporation
Isuzu Automotive Dealership, Inc.

J. F. Cato & Sons, Inc.
J. Y. Brother’s Marketing Corporation
J.A.B. Balao & Asso.,
J.C. David & Asso., Inc.
J.M. Ortiz & Co.,
JAKA Investments Corporation
JCR Construction
JDC Consultancy Services
JDH Phils., Inc.
JEA Steel Industries, Inc.
JG Management Services
JGC Phils.
JGS, Inc.
JK Mercado & Sons Agricultural Enterprises, Inc.
JL Investment & Dev’t Inc.
JM Miranda Realty & Dev’t., Inc.
JRC Construction Corporation
JRS Express
JS Steel Corporation
JV Williams Realty & Development Corporation
JVA Management, Inc.
Jacinto Container Corp.
Jaguar Cars, Inc.
Jakalal Metal Works Corp.
Jakaland Metal Works Corp.
Jamikar Construction
Japanese Embassy
Jardine Davies
Jardine Land, Inc.
Jardine Pacific Finance
Jervis Electric Corporation
Jesel Metal Work
Jessar Construction
Jewish Association of the Philippines
Jieda Motors
Job Power Manufacturing, Co. Ltd.
Jodyking Construction & Dev.t Corp.
John Hancock Life Insurance Corp.
John Hay
Johnson Diversy Phils., Inc.
Jollibee Foods Corporation
Jolliville Holdings
Jolliville Realty & Development Corp.
Jonas Foods Corporation
Jonnel D. Espaldon Law Offices
Jonnov Holdings, Corporation
Jose Apostol & Associates
Jotam Investment Corporation
Jurong Engineering
Just Well Builders & Trading

K-Phil, Inc.
K2 Fine Metal Corporation
KJB Realty Corp.
KMI Manila
KPMG / Laya Mananghaya & Co.
KPPI Land Corporation
KSK Coop
KSK Food Products
Kalaw Ledesma, Inc.
Kamayan Realty Corp.
Kane Package Philippine, Inc.
Keller Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Kenmor Corporation
Kepco Iligan Corp.
Kepco Phils. Corp.
Keppel Fels Energy
Keppel IVI Investment, Inc.
Ker & Co., Ltd.
Kerry Philippines, Inc.
Kerry Properties Ltd.
Keyrin Electronics, Inc.
Kimberly Clark Philippines
Kimura Shoji Manila, Inc.
Kiring Holdings, Inc.
Knock-Out Multimedia Products
Knox United Methodist Church
Kodak Philippines, Ltd.
Koppel, Inc.
Koufu Color Printing
Kraft Foods, Inc.
Kuok Philippine Properties, Inc.
Kuysen Enterprise Inc.
Kwong On Trading Corporation

LKY Development Corporation
LMC Chemicals Corp.
LR Pascual & Sons, Inc.
LTD Law Office
LTS Philippines Corporation
LV Locsin Condo. Corp.
Lamco Paper Products Co., Inc.
Land Bank Realty
Lapanday Foods Corporation
Lapanday Group of Companies
Laramar Poultry Farm
Las Buenas Development Corporation
Las Villas de Valle Verde
Lat & Sons Enterprises
Latas Deco
Latex Products Co., Inc.
Latter Day Saints Cooperative,Inc.
Laundry & Cleaners
Lauremar, Inc.
Law Firm of Ocampo & Ocampo
Law Phils. Inc.
Le Bea Resort
Leader Garments Corp.
Legend Int’l Resort Ltd.
Leosulpi Realty & Development Corporation
Leslie Corporation
Levi’s Strauss & Company Philippines
Lexber Inc.
Lexmedia Digital Corp.
Leyte II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO II)
Lian Management Corporation
Liberty Commercial Center. Inc.
Light Rail Manila Corporation
Lilai Construction
Lima Logistics Services
Limcoma Multi-purpose Cooperative, Inc.
Limech Garments Mfg. Corp.
Linaheim Properties, Inc.
Linea Italia
Lipave Management Corp.
Liwayway Marketing
Lloyds Richfield Industrial Corporation
London Biscuits Company, Inc.
Lorenzabel Realty, Inc.
Loscana Phils. Inc.
Lotus Polypaper Industries Corp.
Loxon Philippines, Inc.
Loyola Gardens
Loyola Memorial Chapels & Crematorium, Inc.
Loyola Plans, Inc.
Loyola School of Theology
Lucent Technologies Phils.
Lucky Cement Philippines, Inc.
Lucy Properties, Inc.
Lulu Taxi
Luzon Hydro Corporation
Luzon Rattan Industries Inc.

M.S. Guzman & Associates
M.Y. San Biscuits, Inc.
MB Finance Corporation
MBM Apparel Manufacturing Corporation
MC Mall Inc.
MCX Motor Phils. Inc.
MDC –FB Joint Venture
MG Mining & Energy Corp.
MNS Pine Realty Corp.
MRC Allied Industries, Inc.
MSAS Cargo International (Phils.) Ltd., Inc.
MSM Manila, Inc.
MUI Resources Philippines, Inc.
Mabuhay Brokerage
Mabuhay Holdings, Inc.
Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation
Macondray & Co. Inc.
Macondray Plastics, Inc.
Macro Lite Tradings Corporation
Madrigal Property
Magnificat Realty Corporation
Magnificent Builders
Major Telecommunications Company
Makati Creekside Mall
Makati Development Corp.
Makati Finance Corporation
Makati Motorist Auto Corporation
Makati Rotary Club Foundation, Inc.
Malate Construction & Development Corporation
Malaya Shipping Services, Inc.
Malayan Bank
Malayan Insurance Company, Inc.
Malugay Realty Dev’t Corp.
Mamoth Property Management
Manalili-Pressman, Inc.
Manfel Enterprises
Manhattan Garments
Manila Banking Corporation
Manila Bay Development Corporation
Manila Cordage
Manila Credit Corporation
Manila Gas Corporation
Manila International Airport Authority
Manila Key Dev’t Corp.
Manila Manor Hotel
Manila Mining Corp.
Manila North Tollways Corp.
Manila Power House
Manoloto Trucking
Manpower Outsourcing Services, Inc.
Manprom, Inc.
Manrio Hotel
Manulife Financial
Mapua Realty Enterprises, Inc.
Marasigan Construction & Development Corp.
Marathon Asset Management
Marbay Homes, Inc.
Marco Structures, Inc.
Marcoso Tug Boat Services
Marfori Construction Corporation
Margarrett Enterprises, Inc.
Marian Property Holdings, Inc.
Marigold Homes
Marinduque Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MARELCO)
Mariposa Properties, Inc.
Mariwasa Manufacturing Corp.
Marnix Corp.
Marriot Estate & Dev’t Corp.
Marsh Philippines, Inc.
Marsman Drysdale Corp.
Marventures Mining & Dev’t Corp.
Masaito Development
Mass V Group, Inc.
Master Brands
Master Foods Phils., Inc.
Master Iron Works & Construction
Mater Dei Realty Corp.
Matienzo Transport Corp.
Mayer Industrial Textile Corporation
Mayo-Agro Corporation
Mclyn Garments Co., Inc.
Meal Solutions, Inc.
Medical Center Manila
Medical Services
Medina Medina & Medina Law Offices
Mega Motion Work, Inc.
Megatrend Rubber Corp.
Metro Industrial, Inc.
Metro Lending Corp.
Metro Pacific Corp.
Metropolitan Hospital
Metropolitan Manufacturing Inc.
Meycauayan Water District
Michelle Realty Development Corp.
Middleby Philippines
Millenium Loans & Credit Corporation
Millex Construction
Mindanao Energy Systems, Inc.
Mintrade Corporation
Mirant Phils. Energy Corp.
Mirant Toledo Holdings Corp.
Misamis Occidental I Electric Cooperative, Inc. – (MOELCI I)
Misamis Occidental II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MOELCI II)
Misamis Oriental I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (MORESCO I)
Missionary Society of Saint Columbus
Misys International Banking System, Inc.
Mitsuwa Phils. Inc.
Modern Industry Security Agency
Modern Stone Construction Development Corp.
Modular Metal Philippines, Inc.
Moldex Realty Corporation
Monarch Insurance Co., Inc.
Monde Nissin Corp.
Montecito Properties, Inc.
Moreta Shipping Lines
Mother of Perpetual Help School
Mountain Star Moons Textile Mills
Multi Media Telephony
Multi-Addwell Corporation
Multi-vectors Industrial Corporation
Multigold International Trading Corp.
Multiple Achievements Corporation
Mun-Tech Land Co.
Municipality of Rosario
Murase Hotelcare Corporation
Murphy Hardware & Construction Supply, Inc.
Music Corporation

NAI Phils. Inc.
NBP Realty Corporation
National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR)
National Statistics Office (NSO)
National Steel Corporation
National Stevedoring & Ligtherage Corporation
National Transmission Corp.
National Trucking & Forwarding Corporation
Nayong Pilipino Foundation
Nel Consulting Ltd.
Neltex Corporation
Neo-Asian Finance & Leasing Corporation
Neptune Farms
New CHP Industries, Corp.
New Canaan Insurance Agency
New Creation Manufacturing
New England College, Inc.
New San Jose Builders, Inc.
New Transcend Construction & Dev’t.
New Ventures Realty Corporation
Newspaper Parapernalia Inc.
Newtech Pulp, Inc.
Nihon Garter Philippines, Inc.
Nippon Paint
Niransco – Cebu
Norsk Hydro Philippines, Inc.
North Haven Real Estate Dev’t Inc.
Northway Properties
Northwest Rolling Mill, Inc.
Northwood Res. Corp.
Northwood Resources Corporation
Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Nutri-Asia, Inc.

ODC International Plaza Condominium
OSI Aqua Marine
Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative (OMECO)
Occidental Mindoro Electric Cooperative, Inc. (OMECO)
Oilink International Corp.
Olongapo Ice & Cold Storage, Inc.
On Semiconductor Phils., Inc.
Ong Long & Company
Ongkiko Law Offices
Onshore Strategic Assets (SFS-AMC), Inc.
Opal Porfolio Investments (SPV-AMC)
Optic International Trading Corporation
Optima Digital Corporation
Orchid Trading Corp.
Organo (Asia) Sdn. Bhd.
Orica Explosives Philippines, Inc.
Orient Bank
Orient Semiconductor Electronics Phils. Inc.
Oriental Mindoro Electric Coop. Inc.
Oriental Tin Can
Orion Property Development, Inc.
Orix Metro Leasing & Finance Corp.
Orophil Shipping International Company, Inc.
Ortigas & Co., Ltd. Enterprises
Overseas Worker Welfare Administration

P. Imes Corporation
P. Sevilla Grace Realty Developer Inc.
P.G. Arnaiz Maintenance Services
PBI Realty, Inc.
PCI Insurance Brokers, Inc.
PCI Leasing
PCP Aqua & Development Corporation
PIC Phils. Inc.
PJLhuiller, Inc.
PMI Nutrition
PNOC Energy Development Corp.
PNOC-Shipping & Transport Corporation
PNP Foundation, Inc.
PSI Holdings, Inc.
Pacific Ace Manila
Pacific Ace Savings Bank
Pacific Cement Phils., Inc.
Pacific Customs Brokerage Company, Inc.
Pacific Multi-land Inc.,
Pacific Office Machines, Inc.
Pacific Wide Realty & Development Corp.
Padre Burgos Realty, Inc.
Palmera Homes, Incorporated
Pamela Foods, Inc.
Panay Power Corporation
Panther Express, Inc.
Papercon Philippines
Paralejo Realty Corp.
Paramount Life & General Insurance Corp.
Parañaque City Hall
Parañaque Market Inc.
Parish of the Heart of Jesus and Mary
Parity Values, Inc.
Parlance Systems, Inc.
Parungao Singzon & Sagalang, Lawyers
Pasadero Realty Development Corporation
Pascual Lopez & Associates
Pasig Rehabilitation Commission
Pasrk N Ride, Inc.
Paz Memorial Services, Inc.
Pelangi Berhad
Pelicier Holdings, Inc.
Penn Philippines, Inc.
People’s Credit & Finance Corp.
People’s General Insurance Corp.
People’s Multivision Corp.
Peralijo Realty Corporation
Perfect Plus, Inc.
Permex Producer & Exporter Corporation Oceanic Realty & Property Management Services, Inc.
Perpetual Unity, Inc.
Persan Construction Corporation
Pet Plans, Inc.
Petrogas Energy Phils.
Petron Corporation
Phil Kidney Dialysis Foundation
Phil-Jian Development Corporation
Phil. Associated Smelting & Refining Corporation
Phil. Exporter Confederation, Inc.
Phil. Hamonia Shipping Agency, Inc.
Phil. Nippon Kyoie Corp.
Phil. Securities Corp.
Phil. Stock Exchange, Inc.
Phil. Synergetic Ventures Corp.
PhilTrak PMS
Philam Properties, Inc.
Philam Savings Bank
Philip Morris Philippines
Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Inc.
Philippine American Poultry Breeders, Inc.
Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp.
Philippine Association of University Women
Philippine Bobbin Corp.
Philippine Business Bank
Philippine Business for Social Progress
Philippine Canine Club
Philippine Carpet Manufacturing Corporation
Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)
Philippine Chemsteel Incorporated
Philippine College of Physicians
Philippine Commercial Capital, Inc.
Philippine Commission on Good Government
Philippine Communication Satellite Corporation
Philippine Corporate Assets, Inc.
Philippine Dairy Products Corporation
Philippine Deposit Insurance Company
Philippine Development & Industrial Corporation
Philippine Economic Zone Authority
Philippine Equity Partners, Inc.
Philippine Exporter Confederation, Inc.
Philippine Geothermal, Inc.
Philippine Global Communication, Inc.
Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Philippine Heart Association, Inc.
Philippine Home Cable Holdings Inc.
Philippine Inc Corporation
Philippine International Trading Corp.
Philippine Journalists, Inc.
Philippine Life Insurance Company
Philippine National Bank
Philippine National Construction Corporation (PNCC)
Philippine Ports Authority
Philippine Postal Bank
Philippine Postal Corporation
Philippine Rabbit Bus Line
Philippine Realty & Holdings Corp.
Philippine Rehabilitation Authority
Philippine Rural & Reconstruction Movement
Philippine Seven Corporation
Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.
Philippine Veterans Bank
Philippine Village Hotel
Philippine Woolen Spinning Corporation
Philippine-Japan Friendship Foundation
Philkraft Marketing Corporation
Philmay Properties, inc.
Philscan Travel & Tours
Philtranco Service Enterprises, Inc.
Phinma Corporate Planning & Development
Phinma Group of Companies
Phinma Himb Concrete Corporation
Phinma Properties, Inc.
Phoenix Land, Inc.
Phoenix Petroleum Phils., Inc.
Photokina Marketing Corporation
Pikeville, Inc.
Pilar Development Corporation
Pilgrim Development Corporation
Pilidian Rural Bank of Antipolo
Pililla Poultry Processing Plant, Inc.
Pilipinas Engine & Turbine Control Incorporated
Pilipinas Hino, Inc.
Pilipinas Kao, Inc.
Pilipinas NM, Inc.
Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Pilipino Cable Corp.
Pilipino Small Business Opportunities, Inc.
Pilipino Telephone Corporation
Pilmico Foods Corp.
Pineridge Condo. Corp.
Planters Development Bank
Planters Products
Plastmack, Inc.
Plus Builders
Polyseal Manufacturing Corporation
Population Services Pilipinas, Inc.
Pre-Fix Industrial Corporation
Premium Agro-vet Products, Inc.
Premium Carpet Traders, Inc.
Presidential Commission on Good Government
Price Waterhouse Financial Advisors International
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Primanila Plans, Inc.
Prime East Properties, Inc. Philippine Phosphate and Fertilizer Corporation
Prime Holdings Philippines
Prime Orion Phils. Inc.
Primeline Fashion
Primex Realty Dev’t Corp.
Primier Insurance & Surety Corp.
Prince Investment Corporation
Privatization & Management Office (PMO)
Pro International Builders
Procter & Gamble Philippines, Inc.
Philippine Stock Exchange Center Condominium Corp.
Professional Pension Plan, Inc.
Prophil Development Corporation
Proton Pilipinas Corporation
Provident International Resources, Inc.
Provident Plans International Corp.
Prudential Bank
Prudential Guarantee & Assurance, Inc.
Pryce Gases, Inc.
Pryce Insurance
Public Estates Authority
Public Securities Corp.
Puerto Azul Land, Inc.
Pulse Philippines Incorporated
Pumangan Corporation
Pumyang Philippine Construction Development Corporation
Puno & Puno Law Office.
Punongbayan & Araullo
Purefoods – Hormel Co., Inc.
Puritan Industrial Security Agency
Puritan Security Industries
Puyat Jacinto & Santos

QAF Limited (Singapore)
Qiusumbing Torres
Quantivus Resources Corp.
Queenhigh Construction & Development Corporation
Quezon City Government
Quezon City Sports Club
Quick Red Fox, Inc.
Quinvee Realty Corp.

R & B Insurance Corporation
R & R Developers, Inc.
R & Y Augusti Inc.
R. S. Lyric Corporation
R.A. Oben Holdings, Inc.
RAM Holdings, Inc.
RC Ramos Construction Corporation
RCBC Savings Bank Power Sector Assets & Liabilities Management Corp.
RCT Prime Corporation PPSTA
REA Enterprises
REMCO Transport
RFM Corporation
RJ Ventures Realty
RMJ Development Corporation
ROH Auto Products Philippines
ROJ Rock Builders
RRN Incorporated
RS Manabat Fine Furniture
RTC Branch 35 – City of Calamba
RVNAA Associates, In.c
Radio Philippines Network (RPN-9)
Raelika International Corporation
Rafel Realty & Development Corporation
Rainbow Cad Dev’t Co. Inc.
Rainbow Manufacturing Corporation
Rajah Tours
Ramcar Inc.
Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation
Raphael Realty, Inc.
Real Bank
Realty Investment, Inc.
Reckitt Benckiser
Red Eagle
Red Flower Co., Inc.
Redox Technology, Inc.
Regent Travel Corp.
Regga Int’l. Insurance Broker & Consultant Corp.
Remo Hermanos Company
Renaissance Tower Condominium Association
Renal Services Inc.
Republic Aggregates
Republic Biscuits Co.,
Republic Flour Mills
Republic of the Phils., (Branch 47)
Rescom Developers, Inc.
Retail Loans Management
Rex Printing Co., Inc.
Rey Marketing Corporation
Reyco Realty & Dev. Corp.
Rhone-Poulenc Agro Philippines, Inc.
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer
Richelle Realty Development Corp.
Richmond Bank
Riviera Pilipinas, Inc.
Riviera Sports & Country Club
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Robles Heritage, Inc.
Rohm & Haas Philippines, Inc.
Rojas Sales De Leon Tecson Desiderio Law Firm
Roman Catholic
Rombe Eximtrade Philippines, Inc.
Ron Daniel Construction Corp.
Roosevelt Aluminum Products Co., Inc.
Roosevelt College
Ropali Trading Corporation
Rosevic Realty & Development Inc.
Roson Realty & Dev’t. Corp.
Roxas & Company
Roxas Triangle Towers Condo., Corp.
Roxcar Prop. Inc.
Royal Asia Land Inc.
Royal Desert Corporation
Royal East Food Corporation
Royal International Insurance Holdings, Ltd.
Royal Kingman Group
Ruby Industrial Corp.
Rudex International
Rural Bank of Pinamalayan
Rustan’s Supermarket

S.B. Technology, Inc.
S.C. Johnson & Son Incorporated
SCA Hygiene Products Corp.
SCCP Land, Inc.
SHS Perforated Materials, Inc.
SKI Construction, Inc.
SMC Pharmatics, (Phil.) Inc.
ST. Joseph Group, Inc.
STI College – Fairview
Sacobia Hills & Development Corporation
Samahang Magkakapit-bahay ng mga Taga-Pavia
Samson Memorial Plan
Samson Technological School
Samson-Santos Marketing & Consultancy Services
San Carlos Bioenergy, Inc.
San Fernando Light & Power Co., Inc.
San Juan Products
San Miguel Beer Division
San Miguel Brewery Inc.
San Miguel Corporation
San Miguel Foods, Inc.
San Miguel Mills, Inc.
San Miguel Packaging Products Corporation
San Miguel Properties Philippines, Inc.
San Miguel Pure Foods Co. Inc.
San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp.
San Pascual Cogeneration Company
San Rafael Packaging Corp.
San Roque Power Company
San Technology, Inc.
Sanifoods Processing Corporation
Sankyu Metal Industries Corp.
Santa Bay Bulk Terminal, Inc.
Sanyo Seikie
Sanyo Wares Plastic Products
Sargasso Construction & Development Corporation
Savona Garden Golf & Country Club
Scana Keating Graphics, Inc.
Science Park of the Phils., Inc.
Screenex, Inc.
Sea Commercial Company
Sea Oil Petroleum
Semirara Coal Mining Corporation
Serg Construction
Severina Realty Corporation
Shang Properties, Inc.
Shangri-La Plaza Corporation
Sharp Philippines, Corp.
Shell (LPG) Phils., Inc.
Shie Jie Corp.
Shirry Garments Corporation
Shoppers Gold, Inc.
Shrimplex Int’l. corp.
Siargao Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SIARELCO)
Sicaltek Manufacturing Corporation
Silva & Santillan Office
Silver Dome Inc.,
Silverdale Services
Sime Darby Pilipinas, Inc.
Singapore Embassy
Ski Cons’t Corp. Inc.
Sky Cable
Sky Tech Builders
Small Business Guarantee & Finance Corporation
Smart Communication, Inc.
Smith Bell Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Solid Banking Corporation
Solid Cement Corporation
Solid Shipping Lines Corporation
South China Resources, Inc.
South Pacific Export Corporation
South Rich Acres, Inc.
South Seas Natural Resources, Inc.
San Andres Fishing Indus., Inc.
Southeast Asia Food Inc.
Southern Asia Pacific Division
Southern Company
Southern Cross Distribution, Inc.
Southern Utility Management Services, Inc.
Southgold Garments Corp.
St. Louie Realty Corp.
St. Micheal College of Guagua, Pampanga
Sta. Isabelle Corp.
Sta. Lucia Realty & Dev’t Inc.
Standard Cereal, Inc.
Stanford Resources Corporation
Star Asset Manufacturing Ropoas, Inc.
Star Dari, Inc.
Star Infrastructure
Star Oil Mills
Starlight Industrial Company, Inc.
State Investments Inc.
Stephan Phils. Inc.
Stephan Phils. Quaternaries, Inc.
Sterling Motors Corporation
Sterling Paper Products, Inc.
Strata 2000 Condo. Corp.
Strategic Distributors, Inc.
Stratexport Phils.
Street Marketing Corporation
Subic Bay Distribution, Inc.
Summa Kumagai
Summer Place Hotel
Summit Land Corp.
Summit Securities
Sun Moon Star
Suncheers International Corporation
Sunluck Plastic Enterprises, Inc.
Sunset View Condominium Corp.
Sunvar Realty Corporation
Super Trade Enterprises
Supercity Realty Dev’t Corp.
Superior Gas & Equipment Co., Inc.
Sure Express
Surfield Development Corporation
Surfshop, Inc.
Surigao Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SURNECO)
Surtec Philippines, Inc.
Suyen Corporation
Swedish Match Philippines, Inc.
Swift Foods, Inc.
Sycip, Gorres, Velayo & Company
Synertronix Inc.
Syngenta Philippines, Inc.
Systech Industries
Systems Industrial Builders, Inc.
Sysu Group of Companies

T.F. Venture, Inc. (Astor Hotel)
T.S.F. Ventures, Inc.
TA Bank
TIPCO Estates Corporation
TPG Corporation
Tabangao Realty Inc.
Tagaytay Highlands
Tagaytay Overlook Terraces, Inc.
Tagaytay Poultry Breeders, Inc.
Tagum Agricultural Dev’t Co. Inc. (TADECO)
Taishin Realty Dev’t Corp.
Tan Yan Kee Foundation
Tanduay Distillers, Inc.
Tanyu Sons, Inc.
Tasco, Inc.
Tax Counseling Inc.
Tea Ventures Company
Team Energy Corp.
Team Pacific Corporation
Technical Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Technological Institute of the Philippines
Technology & Livelihood Resource Center
Telecommunication Distribution Specialist, Inc.
Tendons Builders Corporation
Teoville Development Corporation
Terra Oro Realty Holdings, Inc.
Thaksons Garments Manufacturing Corporation
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Fund for Assistance to Private Education
The Law Office of Morales Roxas & Risos-Vidal
The Livelihood Corporation
The One Executive
The Premier Insurance & Surety Corp.
The Prumerica Life Insurance Co., Inc.
The Regalia Park Towers Condominium Corp.
The Shell Company of the Phils., Ltd.
The Shin Enterprises Phils., Inc.
The Structural Financial Group Inc.
The Trans-Phil Group
The Wellex Group Inc.
Thunderbird Hotels & Resort
Tiger Machineries & Industries, Corporation
Titan Insurance Brokers, Inc.
Tokio Marine Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.
Toll Regulatory Board (TRB –DPWH)
Toms Manufacturing Corp.
Tomu Enterprises
Toshiba Info. Equipment (Phils.), Inc.
Toshiba Information Equipment (Phils.) Inc.
Total Consolidated Asset Management Inc.
Total Information Management Corporation
Tower Club
Tower Steel Corp.
Toyota Financial Services
Toyota Manila Bay Corp.
Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation
Trade Option Pacific, Inc.
Traders Royal Bank
Trans-Asia Power Generation Corp.
Trans-Inter Corporation
Transnational Plans, Inc.
Transport Equipment Corporation
Travelers Kids
Travellers Life Assurance of the Phils.
Treasure Steelworks Corp.
Tree Land Development & Resources Corporation
Trees Company
True North Manufacturing Services Corp.
Trust International Paper Corp.
Tung Tai Shing Rubber Ind., Corp.
Two Salcedo Place

UCPB Leasing & Finance Corp.
UFC Phils., Inc.
UMC Finance & Leasing Corp.
US Embassy Vargas Realty Vassar Industries VBP Group of Co.
Ugong Trade & Holdings Inc.
Ultra Plastech Philippines
Uniden Philippines, Inc.
Unified Resources Development Corp.
Unilever Philippines
Unimark Investment Management Corp.
Unimark Investments (SPV-AMC) Corp.
Unioil Gas & Development Corporation
Unioil Petroleum Philippines
Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP)
Union Carbide Philippines, Inc.
Union Leaf Tobacco Corp.
Union Properties, Inc.
United Airlines
United Coconut Planters Bank
United Coconut Planters Life Insurance Corp.
United Doctors Medical Center (UDMC)
United Graphics Company
United Industrial Bag Company, Inc.
United Laboratories, Inc.
United Overseas Bank
United Productions
United Pulp Paper
United Rizal Agricultural Resources Corp.
United Terminal Services
United Terminals Services
Universal Canning Inc.
University Laws
University of Assumption University of Perpetual Help
University of the Assumption
University of the Philippines UPH – Laguna

VGP Group of Company
Vibelle Manufacturing Corp.
Verde Oro Realty Development Corp.
Verizon Development Inc.
Verlanie Foundation Inc.
Verline Multi Res., Inc.
Vernillion Print & Pack Corp.
Vet Specialist, Inc.
Victor Del Rosario Ricemill Corp.
Victoria Manufacturing Corp.
Victorias Milling Company, Inc.
Vilco Production Corporation
Village Woodcraft Corporation
Villarama Properties, Inc.
Villaraza & Angangco Law Office
Villareal Law Offices
Vintage Enterprises
Virloanie Foundation Inc.
Vision 2000 Feedmill Corporation
Vital Ventures Manufacturing Corporation
VRC Litherage, Inc.

WKG Foodtech International Corporation
Wonderful Thing International
Woodridge Properties
Wah Phil. Corp.
Waterfront Phils., Inc.
Watermark Int’l Shipping, Inc.
Wen Bing Manufacturing Corp.
Wenphil Corporation
Western Agri-Ventures Corp.
Western Philippines Corporation
William, Gothong & Aboitiz, Inc.
Wilmar Edible Oils Phils. Inc.
Wing on Sale Int’l Co.
Winnstar Packaging Enterprise
Woodside Land & Dev’t Corp.
World Business Capital Inc.
World for World Christian Fellowship
World of Hope Christian Ministries, Inc.
Worldtech Marketing Corp.
Worldwide Corp. Inc.
Wrigley Phils., Inc.

Y Engineering Corporation
Y-L Finance Corporation
YL Holdings Corporation
YL Land Corp.
Yara Fertilizers Phils., Inc.
Yngson Law Firm Phils.
Yulo Torres Tarriela & Bello Law Office
Yuyek Manufacturing Corporation

Zahn Fabrik, Inc.
Zambales Electric Cooperative, Inc. I
Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative, Inc. (ZAMCELCO)
Zeller Plastic Phils., Inc.
Zestland Corporation
Zesto Corporation
Zoe Broadcasting Network, Inc.
Zoinarz Trading Corporation

foreign clients

600 MW Shiheng Power Plant (Peoples Republic of China)
999 Pharmaceutical (China)
1200 MW Jinzhou Power Plant
Achievers Group, Achievers Industries Ltd.
Amatex International Garment Factory
Anfanna Hosiery Factory Ltd.
Annex Electrical Company, Ltd.
Arthur Andersen (HONGKONG)
Bangchiu Dao Brewery (PROC)
Bass PLC – Dalian JS Brewery
British Sugar Organization, Hong Kong
CCRL (Hong Kong)
Coils Electronics
Fenghuang Sugar Central, Guangxi (PROC)
Foshan Ceramics Group (PROC)
Goodluck Corrugated Carton Factory, Ltd.
Guang Dong Shipyard & Repair Facilities (PROC)
Guilin Hotel Corporation
Hana Technologies Ltd.
Hip Heng Construction, Hong Kong (PROC)
Hoshing Holdings, Limited, Hong Kong
Kelon Group
Konzhou Mining Group Co., Ltd.
Lioxiu Sugar Central, Guangxi Province
Long Chuan Industrial Limited Company
MCI FIT Lady, Guangdong Province (PROC)
Ming Hing Water Works Engineering (PROC)
NCHK – Yimianpo Brewery
Novel-Shingyang Chemical Plant Company, Ltd.
Pam & Frank International Holdings, Ltd.
President Enterprises (Taiwan)
Qingdao Brewery Company, Ltd.
San Diego Hotel Group, Hong Kong
San Miguel Brewery (HK), Ltd.
Shenyang Chemical Plant Complex (PROC)
Shunde Brick Factory
The Kowloon Dairy Limited, Central Hong Kong
Tsing Tao Brewery China (PROC)
Xiamen Plaza Hotel
Yeebo Semiconductor Ltd., Hong Kong
Yeebo Semiconductor Ltd., Guandong

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