Our Expertise

Royal Asia Appraisal Corporation’s expert valuers are entrusted with the prime responsibility of objectively determining economic values of properties — that of tangible and intangible assets in particular and business enterprises in general.

Royal Asia’s core expertise involves the appraisal of land, buildings machinery & equipment and other fixed assets; valuation of other interests including total business enterprise, shares of stock, goodwill and other intangible assets and partial interests; and other consulting services associated with property economics. As a professional property and business consultant, our capabilities span the following —


Valuation of Real Property  – (residential/commercial/industrial/agricultural land, buildings, other land improvements; condominium units, townhouse units)

    • Market Approach – On the basis of Market Data / Sales Comparison Method
    • Income Approach – On the basis of Residual Value or On the basis of Anticipated Land Development
    • Cost Approach – On the basis of Cost of Reproduction New of Improvements less Accrued Depreciation, if any.

Valuation of Plant Machinery & Equipment Valuation of Furniture & Office Equipment

Valuation of Transportation Equipment (cars, trucks, aircraft, vessels, etc.)

Valuation of Leasehold Estate (Lessor’s and Lessee’s Interest)

Highest and Best-Use / Land-Use Optimization Studies

Valuation of Stock Inventory, Moulds & Fixtures, Spare parts, other Inventory


Valuation of Total Business Enterprise

Valuation of Intangible Assets

    • Goodwill
    • Brand Names and Trademarks
    • Intellectual Properties (e.g. patents, copyrights)
    • Franchises and Special Rights
    • Special Contracts
    • Mining Rights
    • Air and Subterranean Rights
    • Film and Record Libraries

Valuation of Shares of Stock

    • Initial Public Offerings
    • Common / Preferred
    • Exclusive Membership Clubs
    • Majority and Minority Shares
    • Employee Stock Option Plan


Land Surveying

    • Original
    • Subdivision
    • Relocation
    • Topographic
    • Hydrographic
    • Mineral
    • Cadastral

Transfer Certificate of Title Research Work

    • Title Verification
    • Title Trace Back
    • Verification of Technical Description

Such expertise and capabilities are exercised by RAAC in providing valuation services to its clients in relation to the following:

    • Transfer of Ownership
      • Sale
      • Equity Contribution
      • Purchase
      • Acquisition in eminent domain
      • Merger
      • Asset Management
      • Intra-corporate transfer
      • SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) Law
    • Financing / Bank Requirements
      • Determination of Loan Collateral Values
      • Loan Restructuring
      • Dacion en Pago Settlement
      • Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank) Requirements
      • Property/Asset Foreclosure
      • SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) Law
    • Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) Registration
      • Incorporation / Equity Contribution
      • Increase in Authorized Capital Stock
      • Issuance of Stocks/Securities
      • Quasi-Reorganization
      • Corporate Rehabilitation
    • Debt / Equity Financing
    • Allocation of Purchase Price
    • Corporate Real Estate Planning
    • Lease Negotiations
    • Corporate Accounting / Property Control
    • Tax Reporting
      • Capital Gains Tax
      • Estate and Inheritance Tax
      • Transfer Tax
      • Gift Tax
    • Insurance (Determining Insurable Values / Replacement Values)
    • Public Utility Rate-Making
    • Partition Suits
    • Site Selection
    • Economic Feasibility
    • Depreciation Studies
    • Estate Planning

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